Joseph LeDoux: Inside the Brain, Behind the Music, Part 5

Crime of Passion (J. LeDoux)

(Rosanne Cash vocals in parentheses)

Sentenced to death

For a crime I did commit

I couldn’t stop

I did it in a fit

Of anger and pain

Of sorrow and hate

Of torture and trouble

Of misery and fate

You were to me

(Like nectar to a bee )

My source of life

(Your loving wife)

Saw you with him

(You were hurt and enraged)

I couldn’t  stop

(Once your brain was engaged)

A crime of passion has got me

Locked in this dirty old cell

(A crime of passion has got you

lost in a living hell)

If I could go back I wouldn’t

I wouldn’t kill for you

You’re not worth

What I’m going though

Waiting and waiting 

For my day to come

Time goes so slow

Can’t they just get it done

I thought I could take it

Just the test of a man

Wrong again

Blood’s stuck to my hands

A crime of passion has got me (has got you)

Locked in this dirty old cell

A crime of passion has got me (has got you)

Lost in a living hell

(A crime of passion has got you

Locked in this dirty old cell

A crime of passion has got me

Lost in a living hell)

Lost in a living hell

Lost in a living hell

About the author

Joseph LeDoux

Joseph LeDoux is a University Professor, Henry and Lucy Moses Professor of Science, Professor of Neural Science and Psychology and Child Psychiatry at NYU. He is also the Director of the Emotional Brain Institute at NYU and at the Nathan Kline Institute. The author of two best-selling books, The Emotional Brain and Synaptic Self, LeDoux is also the singer and songwriter of The Amygdaloids, a band of scientists that plays music about mind and brain and mental disorders.

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  • I read an interesting point awhile back.

    “But, why do we punish people if they don’t have free will? We don’t punish machines.”

    We, indeed, treat machines just like people. When machines misbehave, we either reprogram or fix them (rehabilitation), or simply turn them off (capital punishment).

    “Your honor, the decision I made to plunge the knife into his chest was actually made below my level of consciousness at least 6 seconds before I was even consciously aware of the decision!” The judge would likely consider that irrelevant.

  • Interesting stuff. Be sure to have your CDs available when our March NYAS Conference on Music, Science and Medicine takes place. Maybe could serve as background for lunch, or reception?

    So, when will you start writing about music’s effect on the brain of the neuroscientist??

      • It takes A LOT of faith to be atheist or an etoulvionist when things are obviously so clearly proven by archaelogy, history and yes, even science that there exists a creator. If you put your energy towards being more open minded (which is funny how people will say Christians are the close-minded ones) you would perhaps find a more sensical origin to our species; rather than spend your energy bashing others with insulting words and name calling. Consider Darwin’s X factor

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