Does Neuro-Everything Mean We’re Living in a Neuro-Revolution?

You may have caught terms floating around this site and others like neurotheology, neuromarketing, neuroaesthetics, neuroethics, or neuroliterature. More and more, it seems as though “neuro” is getting slapped on any discipline one cares to apply brain science to. So what are the merits of this trend, and does it mean we’re truly living in a time of brain science-driven revolution?

The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World, Zack Lynch, St. Martin's Press Hardcover, July 2009

A terrific essay at site deals with Zack Lynch’s book “The Neuro Revolution” and the pervasion of the brain sciences into every corner of our society, as well as the somewhat problematic tendency of depending on fMRI studies to reveal truths about our thinking, especially when it comes to the legal sphere.

Check out the essay here.

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