Cranially Conjoined Twins May Share Thoughts

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. This incredible story of two young girls conjoined at the head is inspiring, bizarre, and potentially a first in human history: Tatiana and Krista recently turned four, an event that was not expected by a team of doctors in Vancouver who predicted a myriad of fatal health complications that have yet to be realized. T and K are joined at the head and actually share regions of their thalamus.

Because the thalamus plays a vital role in sensory processing and integration – in essence, it is the “gatekeeper” of higher cognitive functioning – some scientists and doctors believe the girls may share sensory experiences and perhaps even thoughts.  If the girls do indeed see what each other sees, this would be a first set of conjoined twins to do so.  Researchers eagerly await the day the girls can report any possible “mind-sharing” experiences.

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