Yaron Steinberg’s Brain

Yaron Steinberg has created an installation to show how he imagines his brain.

We know about the neurons, the synapses, the neurotransmitters, and some of us have had the privilege of seeing these in person, under the disconcertingly objective lens of a microscope. But to place the idea of thought and emotion with these strangely mundane and tangible elements does not do our brains justice.

Steinberg’s installation gives us insight into what the artist thinks of his thoughts–a tightly packed neighborhood that has developed throughout his life, and perhaps a grayness reflecting the dull veneer of neurons and chemicals that hides all the complexity within this community.

But the piece also invites us to imagine what our brains would look like if it could reflect how we think. Is it a green, Swedish field filled with full-bodied aromas, or a city slum where it’s hard to find redemption? Either way, this imagination-exercise forces a very personal metacognition that one doesn’t encounter everyday.

For more, see Steinberg’s website.

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Ian graduated from Wesleyan University in May 2011 with a degree in Neuroscience and Behavior. In that same year, he was Director of Photography of a senior documentary thesis film at Wesleyan, which won first place. He recently acted as Director of Photography on a Clinique commercial for a competition--it won honorable mentions. He is currently working as a producer/director/editor of video and other digital content in Soho, NY, as well as working on a soon-to-be-released web series, "Postponed."

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