On July 21, 2012 the Ukrainian scientist and doctor Leo Gerbilsky presented his ideas about art and the brain at the 8th FENS Forum of Neuroscience in Barcelona. His concept, called CEREBRART, integrates the cultures of the arts and sciences and suggests a new way of understanding neuroscience. Professor Gerbilsky has proposed a model of the brain as a chaotically connected dynamic network of seven modules: Integration, Information, Motivation, Intention, Volition, Action, and Reflection. Dr. Gerbilsky has created a blog, also called CEREBRART, where he explains his work and displays work that inspires him, such as this image of Santiago Ramón y Cajal.

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Noah Hutton

Noah Hutton is a film director and curator, and was named a 2015 Salzburg Global Fellow in Neuroscience and Art.

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  • Cerebrart has not necessary to be a dicotomy between Science and Art.The emotion can be a result of different sustances acting in our brain, but we have to open a new window to look Science as a face of what till now we have been considering Art. What you can discover under the lense of a microscope, could be a masterpiece of Art.Cerebrart in my opinion has to go deeper and show the only the biochemic can resolve the enigma of our brain. At the end, the Axon, or the dentrites, are only structure made by chemicals sustances reacting and producing Science and Art, aparentely different because the consequence in our day to day life.

    • Science and Art, apparently different, are made by the same cerebral cells and, therefore, logically may form the natural complexes like CEREBRART. Science and Art in isolation enable us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. CEREBRART seems to be more balanced.

      • Science and Art are not very different, Science and Art are not from two separate worlds because our cerebral cortex produces both of them. Both of them are necessary for our brain and to be honest I just don’t see how to define a border rule for the “left” and “right” side of the brain.

    • only the biochemic can resolve the enigma of our brain? And how about the quantum level and brain activity that takes place on a sub-atomic scale?

  • Hi, nice site. I have a site about art therapy, neuroscience and society and i will be putting up a link to your page on my home page. Art and neuroscience together lead to the development of a clinical field known as art therapy. Very happy i found your site!

  • Hi, tomartist your site about art therapy and neuroscience looks very interesting and perhaps could be qualified as CEREBRART.

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