Neuronal Hijinx

In this week’s The New Yorker (Oct.1, 2012), a long “reporter-at-large” feature on Mitt Romney (“Transaction Man”) concludes with a botched brain metaphor from a Mormon brother. About Romney’s inability to connect to other people, Clayton Christensen says: “You have to push a neuron across the synapse,” which Romney, in Christensen’s own estimation, cannot do. One would not expect a devout Mormon to understand the functional mechanics of the brain, and the fact that scientific terms appear at all is surprising. But The New Yorker? The magazine decided to give Christensen the last word: “The neuron can’t get across that synapse.” This is not a science piece; there is no duty to educate the reader about anything other than the mind of Mitt Romney. However, one cannot help but lament a lost comedic opportunity. What better way to illustrate the ignorance of a candidate and his worldview than to point out the perfect absurdity of this language? We wonder if the writer and editors were in on the joke.

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Ben Ehrlich's new book "The Dreams of Santiago Ramón y Cajal" will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016. Ben is a 2015 Salzburg Global Seminar fellow in Neuroscience and Art.

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