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The Deconstructive Theatre Project is hosting a panel discussion at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn on Thursday, September 13th, that will explore the intersection of brain science and the arts. The Beautiful Brain editor Noah Hutton will be on the panel along with several artists and a cognitive neuroscientist. Here is the description of the event from the site:

Are you curious about what occurs inside your head while you sit in the dark watching a film? How does your mind organize the bombardment of images, voices, music, and light in order to create a cohesive narrative experience? How does your brain keep track of story, why do you empathize so effortlessly with the characters, and what leads you to fall in love with or loathe a film?

This is Your Brain on Art is an interactive panel discussion exploring neuroaesthetics: the study of your brain during an artistic experience, and specifically neurocinematics: the study of your brain on film. The interactive conversation will feature guest cognitive neuroscientists and members of The Deconstructive Theatre Project’s performance ensemble and creative team. The conversation will be moderated by the company’s Founding Director, Adam J. Thompson.

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