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“This is Your Brain on Art” took place on September 13th, 2012, at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, NY, and featured this interactive panel discussion about “neuroaesthetics” and “neurocinematics,” the studies of looking at art and film. This panel was part of a series organized by the Deconstructive Theatre Project, with founding director of DTP, Adam J. Thompson, serving as moderator.

The panel here includes Noah Hutton, filmmaker and founding editor of The Beautiful Brain; Dr. M.A. Greenstein, an author and founder and “Chief Brainiac” of the George Greenstein Institute, a neuro-consulting/design thinking lab; and Dr. Edward Vessel, a cognitive neuroscientist who works as a research scientist at NYU’s Center for Brain Imaging. All three panelists concentrate their work on using neurology to examine interactions with and reactions to art.

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