Money on the Brain

The Blue Brain Project (now The Human Brain Project) was awarded €1 billion by the European Union. President Obama recently committed over $300 million a year for 10 years to a proposed Brain Activity Map (BAM) project modeled after the Human Genome Project. The Decade of the Brain was supposed to last from 1990-1999, according to President George H.W. Bush. Now some scientists question or even object to the new funding. There would seem to be a number of entangled implications —political, intellectual, social, economic, etc. One can think of our life, as the brain, as an complex organization of interconnected systems. So what do you make of these investments and how might they affect our society?

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Ben Ehrlich

Ben Ehrlich's new book "The Dreams of Santiago Ramón y Cajal" will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016. Ben is a 2015 Salzburg Global Seminar fellow in Neuroscience and Art.

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