2013 Brain Art Competition Announced

This just in from the Neuro Bureau, who organize the annual Brain Art Competition, as well as a bunch of other projects around the philosophy of “open neuroscience.” Here’s the text announcing the open call for submissions to the competition:

Countless hours are devoted to the creation of informative visualizations for communicating neuroscientific findings. The Brain-Art Competition aims to recognize this often unappreciated aspect of the publication process, and highlight the artistic creativity of our community.

We are inviting researchers to submit their favorite unpublished works for entry. Both team and single-person entries are welcomed. The competition will have five award categories:

– Best Representation of the Human Connectome

– Best Abstract Brain Illustration

– Best Humorous Brain Illustration

– Best Video Illustration of the Brain

– Special Topic: Best Visualization of Probabilistic Connectivity

The ‘Special Topic’ is a new addition to this year’s competition that highlights an important challenge in current connectomics research: visualizing the uncertainty of 3D connections in tractography and functional connectivity data.

Submission Deadline: 11:59PM CDT, Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Award Notification: June 17th during the Neuro Bureau gala event, held at the OHBM Annual Meeting in Seattle.

For more information, check out the competition details and submission form at: www.neurobureau.org

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