The Beautiful Brain: The Drawings of Santiago Ramón y Cajal gallery show

The Beautiful Brain

We are thrilled about The Beautiful Brain exhibition now open at NYU’s Grey Gallery through March 31 (and more exhibitions to come after that). It’s the first-ever appearance of many of Cajal’s most notable drawings of the nervous system in the U.S. and, we believe, a wonderful milestone in the much-needed effort to cement Cajal as a formative scientific mind along the lines of Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein. Roberta Smith, writing in the New York Times called it “…one of the most unusual, ravishing exhibitions of the season.”


In addition to the Cajal drawings, there’s also a section on contemporary neuroimaging, and you may recognize some of the very same work we’ve been featuring here since we began posting scientific image galleries in 2009. You’ll see beautiful, large prints from the “Brainbow” school of connectomics as well as videos that show how the imaging is actually done in the lab.

And on Thursday, February 15th, Beautiful Brain founders Noah Hutton and Ben Ehrlich will be in conversation at 6:30pm at the King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, 53 Washington Square South. Come out and say hello!


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